Drawer assembly - System BLUM 

The drawer assembly line for the Blum make can be constructed with an automatic or manual component loading system, both for batch size 1. 

The shelves are fed into the machine by means of a loading gantry, there they are measured and their quality examined. A sawing unit for shelves can also be integrated into machine. This allows drawers of shortened depths to be produced easily. 

The side frames are removed from plastic trays or are fed into the machine by means of a manually loaded storage buffer. During this process, an LED display shows which shelf needs to be attached to which type of frame. The frames are transported to the assembly station via the handling system. The back panels are fed into the assembly station from a back-panel magazine using a handling system.

The assembly station aligns the base of the shelf and secures it. The side frames and the back panel are then assembled. The back panel is also secured with screws. The drawers are then transported further where the cover panels and accessories are manually assembled. The automated assembly of the fronts is also optionally possible.

Drawer assembly – System GRASS


The assembly lines for the Grass drawers are of a similar design as those for System Blum. Parallel to the front being processed, the drawers are also automatically assembled and placed at the manual final assembly work place simultaneously.


When the front enters the processing machine its label is scanned so that the system knows which drawer needs to be produced. The shelf bases are fed from stack storage with a gantry, they are then measured and processed if necessary. The side panels are stock piled in trays, the back panels in a stacking magazine system. Alternatively, the side frames and back panels are fed by means of manually loaded cam belts.


In the assembly station, side panels, back panels and the shelf base are assembled. The back panel can then be secured with screws. The pre-assembled drawer then travels further to the station where the front is manually assembled. This process can also be automated by using robots.

Drawer assembly – System HETTICH

The assembly lines have been specially developed for Hettich drawer systems. It entails flexible partial and complete solutions for the automated assembly of side frames, back panels, as well as the drawer fronts. A drawer production of batch size 1 can be created using the automated width and depth adjustment.



Besides the assembly units, the machines also contain the magazine loaders and the allocation of the individual parts. Parallel to the assembly of the drawers, the fronts are drilled and the corresponding fittings and hinges are attached. Finally the fronts are placed in front of the assembled drawer frames by a robot.