of our carcase assembly technology:

Thanks to the modular system of construction, systems with a wide range of capacities and performance ranges are already in use.

  • The system concept can cover everything: from loading, processing, fitting placement machines and assembly presses through to packing.
  • The assembly line has a modular construction. This allows for adaptation of the system concept in the project planning phase, as well as later in the event of a changing range of products.
  • The breadth and depth adjustment allows for carcase assembly with batch size 1 without set-up times. 
  • System loading is possible via portal or robot from stack storage of commissioned stacks.
  • Carcase side panels, cross sections and top rails can be drilled and milled. Using a patented drilling system, structural holes are drilled exactly on the work piece edges.
  • Fittings are placed using pick & place stations, special fitting are added manually as required.
  • The carcase is aligned at a right angle in the main press and pressed with a maximum pressing force of 65 kN. The back panel is screwed or for rattle protection is optionallypossible.
  • The carcases are completed with drawers, fronts, etc. in manual final assembly. Erection of the carcases within the line or before handover to shipping is possible depending on the final assembly concept.
  • In the packaging area, the carcase is manually placed in cardboard guards and automatically strapped. 
  • Connection to various CAD and ERP systems is made possible by post-processors.