Carcase assembly – UPRIGHT concept

The assembly lines can assemble carcases for wall, base, flap, top-mounted and extractor hood units. The completely automated supply of side panels, cross sections or top rails in connection with the width and depth adjustment makes the production for batch size 1 possible without set-up times. Machines with different requirements and performance spectra are already in use.

This includes purely wall and base unit lines, as well as combined assembly lines for both types of carcases. Depending on the level of automation, the type of carcase and the qualification of the employee, up to for carcases are possible every minute.

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Carcase assembly – HORIZONTAL concept

This system concept that is designed to provide maximum flexibility, allows various carcases to be assembled, these include tall, wall, base, flap, top-mounted, medicine and cooker hood units, as well as shelf elements.

Thanks to the modular system, machines with different requirements and performance spectra are already in use. The carcase side panels are fed fully automatically, while cross sections and top rails are inserted manually and pre-positioned holding arms align them. Optionally, they can also be fed in automatically.

Depending on the level of automation, the system concept, types of units and the qualification of the employees, the efficiency level of such assembly lines varies.

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Carcase press for CORNER UNITS

These machines allow corner units of various dimensions to be assembled. Using independent NC axes the machines can manufacture different side lengths.

A solid shelf, two uprights and one back upright are held and pressed. The loading of the apparatuses is manual and supported by different, pre-positioned holder arms.

The automatic screwing of the back panels is then subsequently possible. There are carcase presses of this type for base and wall corner units in use.

Carcase dimensions: from 350 x 350 mm to 1200 x 1200 mm

Carcase height: from 350 mm to 1410 mm

It is possible to adapt dimensions to customer requirements.