Automated fitting insertion 

Fitting insertion stations for front fittings are usually integrated into the different machines for drilling and milling of the fronts. Depending on the type of front, e.g. cover panels, hinged-door, flap-unit or drawer fronts, cover panel adapters, drawer mountings, different concealed hinges etc. are used.

The components are fed one-by-one by means of bowl feeders, step feeders or buffer magazines and provided via pick & place units. Depending on what the customer wants and requires, the corresponding machine system can be adapted or constructed.


Automated fitting insertion 

Pick & place or fitting insertion machines are used in all segments of automated furniture production. We have already realised various machine designs. As individual apparatus in connection with drilling and milling works or in processing stations as an integrated station in processing machines, production or assembly lines. The fittings can be fed into the machine either by means of buffer magazines, bowl feeders or step feeders.

The following fittings have already been inserted: Mounting plates, suspension elements for wall units, guide rails for drawers, shelf supports, work top connectors, sink cover panel brackets, soft-closing mechanisms for drawers, plinth adapters, concealed hinges, cover panel adapters, retaining plates for bed systems, and much more.


Insertion station for

The rails feed single-type components in plastic trays – the right and left design respectively – as stacks via the roller conveyors. A handling system individually separates the drawer rails and makes these available for the insertion station on a tray. The insertion station is equipped with a support with three insertion tools.

These stations are usually combined with an automated downstream screw-fitting station for drawer rails. Depending on the performance requirement, these can be equipped with one or two supports – and each of these in turn have three or four screwing aggregates. Up to now, machines of this kind have been realised for drawer rails on behalf of the manufacturers Blum, Grass and Hettich.

Shelf-processing and insertion station

In these processing stations, the shelves are first drilled and the plinth adapter set in place. The adapters are fed one-by-one from bowl feeders and aligned into their pre-position. The system is usually combined with a processing station for the insides of shelves – e.g. for the holes drilled for uprights – and shelf-turner devices. The integration of a drilling and dowel insertion station on the horizontal level also possible.

On the whole, the stations can be operated in carcase assembly lines or in combination with feeding and loading gantries as separate processing lines for plinth shelves.