with its tasks

Hüttenhölscher has stood for innovative special-purpose engineering since 1981. The company has grown steadily with the market and has been expanded several times. Alongside the aim of doing good work every day, good relations are as important today as they were in the past.

Half a day of farming, half a day of machine engineering, that was Norbert Hüttenhölscher’s original plan when the trained machine fitter and machine engineer took over the farm after the death of his father. And work still goes on in the hallway of the former farmhouse today, although there are no more cows involved. The “machine engineering” area of operations prevailed – and the one-man operation was soon history.

Three men with courage, ideas, and commitment to perfection – this is the best way to describe the trio of founders. Together with mechanical engineer Burkhard Reinke, who had a great talent for sales, and the machine fitter Wilhelm Masjosthusmann, who was blessed with fantastic technical understanding, Norbert Hüttenhölscher founded “Hüttenhölscher Maschinenbau GmbH” in 1981. The three were bound together not only by their new company, which had its headquarters in the farmhouse and garage, but also by a shared “past life”.

The “Miele men” got to know each other through their former employer. They made the company philosophy of “always better” the aspiration for their own company as well. Today, Wilhelm Masjosthusmann still assists the company as a consultant in his retirement. Burkhard Reinke died in 2000 after a serious illness. Together, the founders shaped the spirit of the company and developed numerous machines. One of the first is still unforgettable today.

Turning ties inside out – that was the task for one of the first machines. Its function was to pull ties sewn inside out the right way out. The machine designed in 1982 is already representative of a typical challenge for a special machine, the solution for which always requires ingenuity and creativity. Just a few years later came the first order for a special product which would establish a business relationship that endures to this day.

Without it, the kitchen would be guaranteed to have stayed cold – because the carcass is the fundamental element of every kitchen cupboard. In 1984, Hüttenhölscher built a carcass clamp for Nobilia for the first time. While the parts were once inserted and pressed by hand, the modern carcass clamp for Nobilia functions entirely automatically. Through the solid development of the company, the phrase once coined by Erwin Hüttenhölscher should remain true.

Something is always being built with Hüttenhölscher! Norbert Hüttenhölscher’s brother said this even when the farm was still being used for agriculture. Thanks to the good workload, the operation has today been expanded a full 14 times. Each time, the workforce has also done their part to stick to an important company rule: before any work is done in a new hall, there must first be a proper celebration in it! When it comes to a good relationship with each other, this is just as important as the aim of doing good work every day.