Practical TRAINING

Our trainees are an investment in our future and thus we put a lot of emphasis on training. Whether training to be a precision machinist, cutting machine operator or mechatronic technician: the focus is on practical application.

Do you like to tune and tinker? Then make your passion your job. We are always looking for dedicated, young technology enthusiasts who want to work in a great team. We allow you to lay the groundwork for a successful professional career.

We founded the Ausbildungsnetzwerk „BANG“ in Verl as we wanted to emphasise the importance of training. This network supports an on-site training centre. This is where all of the basic technical training, in-house instruction and exam preparation take place. With BANG we are able to combine the benefits of a large company with a large training workshop with the practical approaches of a medium-sized business.

Many of our former trainees are now working as technicians in our company. Some completed further technician training or studies and have now transitioned from the workshop to our construction team.


In the 2025 training year we will train: 

Precision machinists 
with a focus on “engineering”

Precision machinists work in part manufacture, assembly and maintenance for complex machines, plants and systems. As part of a team, they must work on various problem areas ranging from complex computer-aided manufacturing processes in the workshops to assembly sites or customer service areas. They work following technical plans, circuit and function diagrams and repair and operation instructions.

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Cutting machine operators 
with a focus on “turning, milling”

Cutting machine operators produce precision components from metal using cutting processes such as turning and milling. This usually involves the use of CNC controlled machine tools to guarantee the high precision needed for production. Cutting machine operators’ responsibilities include programming this computer controlled systems, monitoring the manufacture procedure and ensuring the quality of the finished microcomponents.

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Requirements for a

We expect good secondary education qualifications. You should also possess technical skills, spatial imagination and a good technical and mathematical understanding. In addition, you should be able to work precisely and enjoy working in a team. We require someone who is motivated and responsible.

Training lasts three and a half years. You will learn practical work with “Training on the Job” in our company as well at the training centre of the BANG training network . You will gain theoretical knowledge by attending the vocational school.


If you would like to apply for a training position with us, please send us your letter of application with your CV, copies of your certificates and other references.

Please use our application portal!

We look forward to your application!